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What We Do

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Today R.J. Wherry & Associates INC. supplies contractors with custom casework, millwork and installs nationwide.  With casework spanning from Sacramento, California to Boston, Massachusetts, our work is viewed around the country.  With our reputation and ability to handle large and small projects, in and out of our home state of Tennessee, the majority of our business is located outside of our great state. From the beginning in 1994 to current day manufacturing, R.J. Wherry & Associates INC. not only installs our own casework, but manufactures the entire product line.

What We Do

It's Not Just A Name



Complete Control

Start to Finish

We control the product cycle from start to finish so contractors and their clients are afforded faster response times, added quality control, and fewer change orders.  With this combination, R.J. Wherry is able to control the entire product cycle and quickly adjust to different variables that arise.​Today we provide contractors and clients with custom casework, solid surface, nurse stations, reception desk, quality millwork and much more.  With our ability to handle the smallest jobs ranging in the thousands, to our larger contracts in the multi-millions, R.J. Wherry is capable of satisfying every client.

Complete Control

Our History

In 1981, Randy Wherry started his first venture in the wood working industry. The business catered and provided casework to residential and small commercial projects. After thirteen years of hard work and dedication, Randy decided upon a new path and direction. This new path would solely provide casework to the commercial industry.  This new direction led the incorporation of R.J. Wherry & Associates in 1994, and has grown ever since.

Our Home

With Nashville being home to some of the largest healthcare companies in the United States, R.J. Wherry has become accustomed to and comfortable working with the healthcare industry and it’s partners for over 20 years. Located only ten minutes from the heart of Nashville, R.J. Wherry has access to all necessary means to quickly process, manufacture and transport finished product.


Our History


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